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How to Register

1- Please register for the i2i service (this is a separate registration from your library username and password.)

You are required to only register once for i2i using your departmental address.

Helpful hints when registrating

You will need to select your department on the second page of the registration form.

Once you have filled out the two step registration process you will receive an email confirmation - please note that this can sometimes  take up to an hour to receive

Your password -  will need to be 8 characters long including numbers and a special character.

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i2i platform access

Need more information?

2- Access the SAIGlobal registration help page to guide you.

Introducing the Australian


and the

Building Code of Australia 

Standards are for VPS staff, for internal use only. Standards cannot be passed onto 3rd parties, which includes contractors. 

i2i is a powerful Standards Management platform allowing organisations to store and retrieve business critical content, keep up to date with changes, manage projects and comply with copyright. 

i2i provides anytime, anywhere document management. Content centralisation, workflow optimisation and virtual collaboration help organisations control cost and access to current, licensed content.

How to Login

How to Logout

Further information can be found at:

i2i Help page

Looking for the Building Code? 

It is now available via the i2i platform (and accessed via the same platform as Australian Standards). All building codes are now  called the National Construction Code.

Need further training?

Register your interest in a training session and VGLS will contact you 

Complete the Training form, then we can start discussing your needs for the session.

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