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Cover image for Health law in Australia / Ben White, Fiona McDonald, Lindy Willmott.
Health law in Australia / Ben White, Fiona McDonald, Lindy Willmott.
Health law in Australia / Ben White, Fiona McDonald, Lindy Willmott.
White, Benjamin Peter, author.

McDonald, Fiona J., author.

Willmott, Lindy, author.
Second edition.
Physical Description:
Ixxiii, 881 pages ; 25 cm
General Note:
Previous edition: 2010.
Part 1: Introduction to health law. 1. Health law: scope, sources and forces -- 2. Medical and health ethics and law -- 3. The legal framework of the Australian health system -- 4. Human rights and health law -- Part 2: General principles of health law. 5. General principles of consent to medical treatment -- 6. Children and consent to medical treatment -- 7. Adults who lack capacity: substitute decision-making -- 8. Negligence -- 9. Medical confidentiality and patient privacy -- Part 3: Beginning of life. 10. Assited reproductive technology -- 11. Abortion -- 12. Surrogacy -- Part 4: End of life. 13. Euthanasia and assisted suicide -- 14. Withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining medical treatment -- 15. Double effect and palliative care excuses -- Part 5: Select issues in health law. 16. Regulation of health professionals -- 17. Public health law -- 18. Mental health law -- 19. Organ and tissue donation -- 20. Health and medical research -- 21. Regulation of genetic technologies -- 22. Biotechnology and nanotechnology regulation in Australia.
Annotation. HEALTH LAW IN AUSTRALIA 2ND EDITION is Australia's leading text in this area and was the first book to deal with health law on a comprehensive national basis. In this important field that continues to give rise to challenges for society, the book takes a logical, structured approach to explain the breadth of this area of law across all Australian jurisdictions. By covering all the major areas in this diverse field, HEALTH LAW IN AUSTRALIA 2ND EDITION enhances the understanding of the discipline as a whole. The work begins with an exploration of the general principles of health law, including chapters on "Negligence", "Children and Consent to Medical Treatment", and "Medical Confidentiality and Patient Privacy". The book goes on to consider beginning-of-life and end-of-life issues, before concluding with chapters on emerging areas in health law, such as medical research, genetic technologies and biotechnology. The contributing authors are national leaders who are specialists in these areas of health law and who can share with readers the results of their research. HEALTH LAW IN AUSTRALIA 2ND EDITION has been written for both legal and health audiences. It is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and scholars in the disciplines of law, health and medicine, as well as health and legal practitioners, private health providers, and government departments and bodies in the health area.
Reading Level:
Tertiary/Undergraduate, Postgraduate.