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Water divining
Water divining
Johns, M. W.
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Melbourne: Department of Mines, Victoria, 1960
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5 p. : 1 document.
Geological Survey of Victoria Unpublished Report 1960/44
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(Reference Abstract -- Abstract ) In reply to your letter about water diviners referred to this department by the Agricultural Research Lisasion Section of C.S.I.R.O., I hope the following explanation and comments will answer your questions. The main difficulty in judging the success or failure of water diviners from popular accounts of their experiments lies in the fact that such experiments are seldom properly controlled. That is, if a diviner says that water will be struck at some point by a bore and consequently a bore sunk at that point does yield underground water, this alone does not prove or disprove that the diviner can "find" the water. Before success can be claimed by the diviner it must also be shown that any bore put down in that particular area at random will not yield similar underground water. That is, it must be shown that the diviner has been successful in "finding" water where chance selection of bore sites would be unlikely to succeed in finding it.