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Geothermal energy potential of Western Victoria
Geothermal energy potential of Western Victoria
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Melbourne: Department of Minerals & Energy, Victoria, 1975
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2p. : 1 document.
Geological Survey of Victoria Unpublished Report 1975/63
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(Reference Abstract -- Abstract ) To date all geothermal developments known are from areas near active hot springs or fumaroles of which Victoria has none. Even in New Zealand where a 175 MW power station has been developed from shallow (less than 400 ft) bores, the economics of geothermal steam is poor compared to other more conventional sources of fuel. Therefore, some sort of economic evaluation of a geothermal power station should be made by SEC engineers before proceeding further and remembering Victoria has more than adequate reserves of brown coal. If it is decided to proceed, a geothermal project should be different from that proposed by Professor Lovering and should include the following points. 1. Programme should cover the whole of Victoria, not just the Western District. 2. Groundwater records should be searched for any information indicating abnormal high temperatuures, e.g. Maryvale or high salt concentrations, e.g. Grampians. 3. Any anomalous areas, i.e. with hot groundwater, high chloride groundwater, recent volcanics, magnetic anomalies, should be checked by a seismic ground noise survey which would detect a liquid magma chamber directly and could be used quantitatively. It should also be checked by a deep resistivity method - IP or EM would be better than the conventional type resistivity spread in this instance.