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Earthquake risk in Victoria
Earthquake risk in Victoria
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Melbourne: Department of Minerals & Energy, Victoria, 1975
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5p. : 1 appendices, 1 document.
Geological Survey of Victoria Unpublished Report 1975/64
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(Appendix Contents -- Appendix Content ) Descriptions of the Richter and Modified Mercalli scales from the book "Earthquakes" by G.A. Eiby (1967).

(Reference Abstract -- Abstract ) The writer was associated with the assessment of earthquake risk in New Zealand about 20 years ago. The method used was to search historical records e.g. the newspaper cutting file in the NZ Geological Survey, reports of meetings of scientific societies etc. to find out if there was a record of a substantial earthquake occurring either in the Dunedin area or in the Auckland-Northland area, as both of these seemed earthquake free and were outside a 60 mile wide belt around the Alpine Fault, the major structural feature of New Zealand, similar to and equivalent to the San Andreas Fault.