Balancing act : environmental issues in forestry / Hamish Kimmins.
Kimmins, J. P.

Balancing act : environmental issues in forestry / Hamish Kimmins.

Kimmins, J. P.


Personal Author
Kimmins, J. P.

Second edition

Publication Information
Vancouver : UBC Press, c1997.

Physical Description
305 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.

1. Words, Pictures, and Reality -- 2. The Peter Pan Principle in Renewable Resource Conflicts -- 3. Causes and Time Scales of Environmental Change -- 4. A Brief Primer on Ecology and Forest Ecosystems -- 5. A Brief Primer on Forestry -- 6. Clearcutting: Ecosystem Destruction or Environmentally Sound Timber Harvesting? -- 7. Slashburning: Responsible Land Management or Playing with Fire? -- 8. Chemicals in Forest Management: Responsible Use of Environmental Abuse? -- 9. Are Old-Growth Forests Forever? -- 10. Where Have All the Species Gone? The Question of Loss of Biological Diversity -- 11. From 'Old Forestry' to 'New Forestry, ' and Thence to 'Ecosystem Management' -- 12. Forestry and Climate Change -- 13. Acid Rain: Is It as Bad for Forests as It is for Lakes? -- 14. 'Brazil North': Is Forestry in British Columbia Comparable to Deforestation in the Tropics?
15. 'Future Shock' in Forecasting Forest Growth, Ecosystem Conditions, and Timber Yields: How Cloudy Is Our Crystal Ball? -- 16. Ecosystem Health and Integrity: Does Forestry 'Destroy' Ecosystems, and Can They Be 'Unhealthy'? -- 17. Respect for Nature: The Ecological Foundation for Sustainable Forest Management -- 18. Certification: A Market-Driven Mechanism to Promote Sustainable Forest Management -- 19. Sustainable Development and Forestry: Can We Use and Sustain Our Forests?

Subject Term
Forests and forestry -- Environmental aspects.
Forest ecology.

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